August 2008

A sort of… butterfly?

Teoretic, poza asta n-ar fi trebuit sa iasa in halu’ asta de bine. Eram pe zoom maxim (deci NU macro), batea vantu’ (destul cat sa miste toate kestiie din zona). Au fost 10 shot-uri, doar 6 au luat ‘nota de trecere’. Stie cineva cum se numeste “kestia” aia zburatoare cu trompitza? Mai multe gasiti aici…

Milestone three

…we sent a request for completing it on 5 November. I know that “milestone two” is the next, but… the 3rd appear to be more urgent. I guess someone is in a hurry; or is too sure we’ll complete (successfully) the 2nd one. Let’s have patience. The wrath of faith will come upon us.