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Adica o kestie (aplicatie) care se ‘pupa’ cu blogu’ tau (pe cai… dosnice si ascunse) si care e folosit de lenesi care nu doresc sa-si piarda din pretsiosul timp introducand un user si o password la un admin panel.
Yeah, that would be me. But wait, I do not input any password, nor a username; there’s my computer that handle both of them, no matter which browser I’m using. Cool, huh?
Asta inseamna ca lenes e doar… o amintire. Am atins perfectiunea…

After edit: se pare ca blog-toolu’ de la Flock sux; iti baga automat in footer o smekerie de reklama (sort of) si niste tag-uri technorati… pathetic!
So far, tot de mana.

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