How Blopix Template got born

ExpressionEngineu’ are in control panel o kestie numita “notepad”. De cand am inceput etapa de implementare in EE am inceput sa scriu in el. Si-am scris…

In timp ce lucram la o kestie, imi venea o idee pentru alta kestie. O notam si-mi continuam treaba.
And so on. Si s-au adunat. Pentru ca maine (sper) o sa fac upgrade/deface la template (Blopix) o sa fac un ‘save’ aici la ce era in Notepad. Noua versiune e ready to go da’ e ora 01:13 (damn, nu’s cand a trecut asa repede) si nu vreau sa fac vreo postie pe “live” server. Maine, dupa cafeaua de dimineatza, mai vedem…
Pana atunci, here I go:

[x] – resolve tag-uri block
[x] – tag page – you are browsing by [tag] tag
[x] – style navigation (when link is on)
[x] – footer side (add prev/next articol in comments page)
[x] – add static pages
[x] – add tagcloud section where to display their # of appearance (do a plugin, smth like that)
[x] – lowercase categories
[x] – do smth. to comments-list (separare, oarecum)
[x] – create borderless images when white = added class imgwhite
[x] – rename site / blog
[x] – in the end remove index.php so that the tags will work
[x] – change the icons for sidebars
[x] – change icon for tags and mak’em red.. need to be separated somehow
[-nope-] – related entries by tag field?
[x] – implant my comments plugin
[x] – install bestia for comments/trackback 🙂
[x] – hide emails la comments and use something else
[x] – akismet plugin insert
[x] – feeds stuff implant back
[x] – add javascript shit ptr. link-urile externe
[x] – setup head() stuff
[x] – add search()
[x] – links.blogroll() by/to 1st page list (link(list) module implant)
[x] – verificat title si sa fie valid (no 404 errors)
[x] – setup cache
[x] – archive
[x] – captcha
[x] – optimizare css
[-notyet-] – flickr (feed grab)
[x] – install loggers
[x] – cache favicon.ico for da’ blogroll
[-noway-] – put trackbacks back?
[x] – add ping servers
[x] – top comentatori – remove my instances
[] – search – paginate results
[x] – kill bestia comments/spam checker. It kills me sometime too.

Initial, ideile erau notate cu [] si apoi cand erau terminate de pus in practica [x]. Cele care sint “dubioase” au comentariu’ de rigoare.
NU am facut nici un fel de cenzura/corectura – are the original ideas, movements along the development steps.
De ce’s scrise in engleza? Defect profesional. Englezii au cuvintele mai scurte si exprima mai multe.

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