No sex in A380! …wtf??

Ce tare tre’ sa fii, sa dai $14,320 pe doo bilete la A380 in double suites ca astea, plus shampania si petalele aferente si tu sa nu potzi sa …alea..alea…

Oare aia care-si iau bilete de genu’ asta.. pentru ce le iau? … ca sa doarma? :D

Since the doors close on the suites, how on earth are Singapore Airlines flight attendants going to know who is engaging in the old in/out and who isn’t? It’s always so noisy in aircraft anyway, you could be screaming to high heaven and no one would ever know.

We’re thinking one of the most difficult temptations to resist aboard a Singapore Airlines double-bed flight is avoiding asking one of those gorgeous flight attendants, known as “the Singapore Girls,” to join us inside the comfy suite.

Parca ar fi romanashi astia care-au zis asta.. :))

More here…
Poze inside A380 here.
Ca tot ma pliktiseam azi si n-am avut kef de munca, am bantuit pe net.

For what those beds cost, they should have a flight attendant join in for a threesome.

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